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The towns and cities around the world are full of people rushing everywhere and traffic going nowhere. At almost every hour of the day it seems as though people are stressed and becoming increasingly tired of dealing with people who are feeling the same, prompting them to throw in the towel at work, up sticks and move to the country for a quieter life and a more relaxed lifestyle.

But what provokes them to move to the country and not just change career or the part of town they live in? Well there are several reasons really, ranging from where they want to bring up their families to future career prospects and even where they have always dreamed of living.

The first point touched upon there is key with many people giving up their careers to enjoy a quiet family life, bringing up their children the “right way” in the best possible environment, which includes the best education that – in a significant number of circumstances – is available away from the towns and cities, where class sizes are, more often than not, smaller and the children get more interaction with the teachers.

But moving to the country comes with a whole new set of stressful challenges. First of all there is the move itself, choosing a new area of the country to live in, a house, a job and only then can you start to think about more complicated matters like choosing your removal firm and when you’ll be handing in your notice and making the big move.

For many, they have to put a number of their household possessions into storage until they can get settled in their new home. Sometimes they might be moving out of a larger house in the town or city into a much smaller, more family-friendly home in the countryside. This can be a difficult decision to make, partly because you’re separated from often expensive family heirlooms and it’s almost inevitable that you’ll end up needing something you’ve put into storage within a matter of days.

A man with a van service can be just as effective in making the big move as a removal firm, often giving you a significant discount as the specialist removal companies will charge by the hour and includes labour costs and packaging in some cases. With a man and van, you get just that, and you can ask them to call off at the storage depot en route to the new house, killing two birds with one stone and reducing some of the significant stress.

After all, that is possibly the main reason for making the move in the first place – to reduce stress. It can be very difficult working and living in the big cities, so if you can reduce the stress of the move itself, you’re more likely to enjoy the early days of your time in the country.

This article was written by UK-based writer Matt Rawlings. A 27-year old from the Midlands, Matt has been writing consumer advice articles on topics covering jobs, house moves, technology and cars for a number of years now.

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