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Moving home is a stressful experience at the best of times, but if your possessions aren’t packed properly, this can add additional expense to the equation.

Although many removal companies provide a packing service, this not only adds on an extra charge but can add to the hourly rate that most levy. In order to save time and money as well as having peace of mind, it is best to start the packing process well before the moving date.
To begin with, it’s a good idea to compile a detailed itinerary of your possessions – this might sound like a headache, but it will save significant time further down the line. This will also help give you an idea of the amount and size of boxes you’ll need when it comes to the move itself.
Moving onto the packing itself, it can be difficult to decide when to begin. By starting too early, you commit yourself to living out of boxes for the duration of the period up until the move – start too late and you risk misplacing or loosing items. A good compromise is to stagger this by packing non essential items early and once there is an available completion date, rapidly get everything else packed.
When considering how many boxes you’ll need for the entire process, there are a number of apps on the market that will calculate this, but assuming you’ve started early, the best course of action is to order less than you’ll think is needed – then, if additional boxes are required, there will still be enough time to purchase more.
Here are some further packing tips to help make moving as smooth a process as possible:
Ensure that any hazardous materials are tightly packed and kept out of the way
Place heavier items in small boxes, as this will make them easier to move
Label boxes so you can quickly identify their contents
Use plenty of paper or bubble wrap to cushion valuable items you are packing
Stack plates on their sides to avoid breakages
For items that need to be dismantled, do this in plenty of time and ensure that you have boxes that you can fit all the individual components into – splitting these between boxes can cause confusion later on!
Pack cutlery in bundles
Ensure jugs and items with handles are packed upright with extra padding
Remember to drain freezers and refrigerators a couple of days before you move
This might all seem like obvious stuff, but when thinking about the entire moving process, details like these can be easily forgotten. It is all too easy to focus on the end result, namely getting moved in to a new property, at the expense of possibly loosing or misplacing items along the way. This need not be the case if you plan in advance and make sure that all your items are packed properly and appropriately. Furthermore, it is also essential that as many of your possessions are sufficiently packed well in advance, in order to ensure that extra removal costs do not arise. After all, moving home is already an expensive process, so it seems foolhardy to add to this expense unnecessarily.

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    Before going to choose relocation company check out their services by their customer’s feedback, their reputation in market these are some points you can remember. Also check budget before getting in touch with them.

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