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Large or small, fat or thin, we love our pets with many people pampering their pets more than they pamper themselves. So, when deciding to move home, your pets have to be taken in to account and special arrangements made so that they are transported safely and efficiently to your new house. If you are moving short distance and have the correct cages to transport your pet then taking them with you yourself is a valid option, however, if you are traveling long distance or have many different pets, you may find you need to enlist the services of a pet moving company.
Companies that offer pet transportation services are easily searchable on the internet, in local newspapers or in the phone directory. The standard transportation is either by rode in specially fitted vehicles or by air. If you are planning to transport your pet aboard make sure you thoroughly research the quarantine and documentation requirements for the county. Your pet transport company will be able to advise you on your legal obligations as the owner and all information is available from government sources.
Choosing to have your pets driven to your new address by a pet courier is a much better option for your pet than having them crammed in the hot car with you as you make your journey. Curious vehicles are specially fitted with secure, comfortable compartments and are driven by experienced animals handlers meaning your pet is in safe hands if they become nervous or uneasy during the journey. The vehicles are air-conditioned and the sizes of the compartments are chosen based on your pets dimensions and weight. As long as you choose a professional company you will find the compartments are cleaned regularly and that rest stops are incorporated in to the journeys to make sure your pet is fed and exercised and their compartment cleaned. If the journey includes an overnight stay the courier company will make sure that the overnight stops are in secure, pet friendly places so that your animal gets all the rest they need for a stress free journey.
However, traveling by road is only really feasible if you need your pet transporting within the country. If you are traveling further afield or outside of the country then your other main option is flying your pet out to your new home. This is a rather daunting prospect so it is often best to enlist the services of an Animal courier to make sure all the arrangements are made and all quarantine and travel restrictions are adhered to. Contact various companies to find out how long and costly this process will be. The price and time of transportation will depend entirely on the animal and their history so it is best to go direct to companies to get a quote. When choosing a company make sure that they are an accredited IATA cargo agent. It means they have a partnership status with the airlines that provide pet air travel. This will mean you are not only putting your trust in a company that is respectable but they are also able to offer you more competitive prices on animal flights. Your animal courier will be able to provide you with suitable traveling boxes that will conform to all standards as well and ensure you pet is as comfortable as possible during their travels. AS well as this, you will find that they will most likely be able to get your pet on the same flight as yourself, or a flight that arrives at roughly the same time so that the process is as quick and painless as possible.
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