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This might sounds like overkill but you really are supposed to begin the packing process 6 weeks in advance of your move date. You see, it’s never too early to start  planning and purging what to bring along.  Deciding what NOT to pack will also save you additional time and effort.  Here’s a cheat sheet to help make your entire moving preparation stress free and easy.  Keep this time-line next to your bed, like it’s your “Moving Tips” bible, in case you wake up in cold sweats, wondering if you should pack that clock radio from your childhood .  (Note: If the clock radio is from the 70’s and looks yellowed instead of it’s original white, your wife will poo-poo this item and it won’t resurface after the move!)

6 Weeks Before the Move Date

  • Clean out your closets and even schedule a garage sale .  You can even  try selling unwanted items on craigslist.  Also, consider donating items to charity. You get a tax deduction so obtain receipts for these items.  Check with your tax advisor  to find out which costs may be deductible. For more  information about moving costs that could be tax deductible , visit the Internal Revenue Services web site.
  • List all items which are to be moved and categorize by room.  make sure that you have enough moving boxes. A cheap, easy way to acquire additional moving boxes is to go scrounging  at your local grocerey store.  Here is some useful information about finding eco friendly boxes for a green move.  Once you feel you have enough moving boxes to handle all your stuff, guess what, it’s time to start  packing
  • Contact  moving companies to obtain estimates.  A great place to start is this online moving  form, allowing  you to compare multiple quotes  from licensed and insured movers in your area.  That is the easiest way to save money and avoid any moving scams, that are very prevalent these days. Also be sure to be upfront about any “big ticket items like moving a piano . Contact all of your utility companies ( telephone, electric, gas and/or cable) regarding  return deposits and disconnecting  services. Follow up  with any other companies such as security, lawn service, related to your home.
  • Back in the day, you needed to contact the Post Office regarding your change of address and moving date.  However, now the easy  button is available!  I highly recommend you take advantage of this   fast, safe and secure online form, which will register your address change online within seconds!
  • If you have children, obtain  records from your current school and completing the necessary forms.  Transfer any club memberships if possible or have your  fees refunded.
  • Review your  homeowner’s insurance and  notify of cancellation if new insurance is going to be purchased.

3 Weeks Before the Move Date

  • Contact  all your utility companies to confirm date for discontinuing service. Cancel other services such as newspaper delivery, gardeners and home security.  Make  sure the date of moving into your new residence coincides with your new services like  phone, utility and cable.
  • Verify with your moving company the packing plan, as well as any  last minute details.if you are bringing more stuff than you originally informed them , definitely speak up about that, even if it means a raise in your estimate.  (the same goes if the amount of goods have decreased)
  • Obtain copies of  your  medical records, prescriptions needed, and referrals at new doctor  location  if possible.

1 Week Before the Move Date

  • Use up  all of your cleaning supplies, aerosol containers,  bleach, etc. Do not pack or ship these flammable items!
  • Food or frozen items cannot be packed so stuff your face as much as possible and  then prepare to give your fridge a good cleaning out.
  • Pack a container to include first aid kit, some essential toiletries as well as as basic tools. (screwdriver, hammer, etc.)  Prepare any  children and pets for your move by packing a special “entertainment box.”  (snacks,  toys, etc.)
  • Remove fuel from  any equipment like  lawn mowers, gas grills, and motorcycles.
  • Prepare for your first night in the new home  by packing  pillows and linens in dresser drawers.

The Day Before Your Move

  • Defrost and clean that fridge and freezer.
  • Arrange with the realtor or new owners where to leave keys.

Moving Day

  • Review the  mover’s inventory for completeness before you sign anything. Search the entire house before  the movers leave. Confirm directions with them.
  • Keep copies of all  moving transactions for  tax purposes, including lodging, transportation,gas and meals.
  • Load up your valuables before movers leave.
  • Make sure to arrive at your new home  prior to movers.
  • Check all appliances for working condition. Call repair service if needed.
  • Check with the post office for any mail being held.
  • Review all moving boxes being unloaded by your moving company. Make a note of any damage for insurance purposes.

You’re finally finished, woohoo ! Breathe a huge sigh of relief and enjoy your new home! And don’t forget to change the door locks after moving in.

Happy moving,

Tara Thompson

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3 Responses so far.

  1. Don says:

    All great tips, Tara. I have used two methods of moving (myself and professional movers). I definitely recommend using the latter because it takes so much of the burden off of the individual who is moving!

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  2. Tara Thompson says:

    Sometimes you need to say,”I can’t put a price on piece of mind.” In the end, I used professional movers to take away most of the stress involved with moving myself. Repaying well meaning family and friends for favors rendered can be exhausting. Using professionals, you eliminate the strings attached, because there are none.

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  3. Leslie says:

    This site has helped me tremendously with my move. There is so much useful information which made everything a great deal easier. Moving is always so much harder than it seems. Having a professional do the job took away the stress and aggravation that comes with moving. Thanks so much, Tara!

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