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As we have always been stressing in Moving Magazine,  the public and companies are being pushed more and more toward green options to cut down on the use and waste of natural resources. That is why we are thrilled to report a new product called the  Green Packer , designed by  the  company, Pack All , to help the moving industry do their part to save trees and resources. This “Green Packer” was created by moving professionals with over 40 years experience in packing and transporting households across America, giving companies  the ability to be truly green and capitalize on this worldwide trend.  We  are  definitely a big fan.  One unique  attribute with this product is that you can pack fragile household items such as Flat Screen Tv’s, Computer monitors, Glass table tops and more in seconds! There is no more cardboard, tape, or other packing materials needed, regardless of the size of your items .  Plus, this is reusable for years!

Check out this video for more details:

Happy Moving,

Tara Thompson

Learn the basics of Long Distance Moving

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