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Lisa Ling’s Green Home

Posted by Tara Thompson 0 Comment

Even though most of us are working on a shoe string budget,  I hope you find this woman inspiring.

How many of you remember watching Channel 1 in high school? For those of you that are my age and went to high school in the 1990’s, you may remember a young anchor named Lisa Ling. She is mostly known for her appearances on the Oprah show and her sister, Euna Lee, who was captured in north Korea. You know , the situation where former President Bill Clinton needed to intervene to get their government to release her. Lisa Ling can now be seen on the OWN network in a documentary series called Our America with Lisa Ling. She and her husband, Dr. Paul Song, an oncologist, felt equally invested in making a green move.  It was important to them both to build the most environmentally friendly house that they could afford. After realizing the effects of knocking down an old structure and building a new one would have on our earth, they immediately made a plan to redeem themselves. They were wary of the carbon footprint that their home would have on our planet. Things that they worked hard to keep the “green piece” were: reusing and recycling most of the materials from the existing house they demolished, keeping walls to a minimum with the new construction, avoiding common chemicals when building a home, collecting and using rain water, getting energy from solar panels, using foam insulation instead of a/c and heating units, and those are just to name a few.

You can check out a video clip about her experiences while making this home :

Happy Moving,

Tara Thompson

Live Green

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