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Home for all

Choosing the right home for the family to grow in can be one of the biggest decisions ever made in a persons life. Contending with financial restraints and location are obviously two of the major factors which determine where one chooses to bring up their family but do people pay enough attention to other external influences which can determine living standards. Here we look at what else should be considered before choosing the right family home.


Wouldn’t it be nice to get on with my neighbours….

You may have the most fabulous property on the street with disposable bedroom space and ample garden facilities, but if you have to contend with neighbours from hell, is it really worth it?  As many properties are rented these days, it can be difficult to ensure the quality of your neighbours. Before choosing your property spend some time near the house, get an idea of the people within a local proximity. Is there a lot of noise coming from neighbouring properties? Is noise coming from different sources? It could be a case that your neighbours could actually be a form of transport. For instance, many people have reported problems when living in close proximity to train lines and busy roads. By spending some time in the area you are looking to move to will give a better indication to what problems may occur.


The Commute

With many people travelling further distances to work, choosing a home in a location which is easily accessible by transport is essential. Is it easy to get to the motorway? Are trainlinks suitable? For those looking at property in urban areas or cities, considerations should be made to where the closest transport stops or stations are. Obviously such factors may increase property and rental prices but if these factors are investigated prior to finding a property, it can make home life that bit easier.


Catchment Areas

Giving your children the best possible chances in life obviously relies on education and where the best schools are. Even if you’ve not had children as of yet, considerations should still be made just in case family numbers increase. With local authority restrictions firmly in place it is vital you find out which school is in the catchment area of the property. Less than half a mile down the road could determine which direction your child takes in life.


Local Attractions

When not working or lounging in front of the TV, what is there actually to do in the area? Are there local public house and restaurants to frequent? Local parks and out of school activities to keep the children amused? Even local community centres can be a great place to have for your little ones to make new friends quickly and keep them out of trouble, so you know they’re always safe even when out of your site. With the internet, finding this information is only a click away, but still many choose not to investigate prior to making a move.


Making the Move

Any move will involve time and stress, but doing your research into these external factors should make the whole move a lot easier and will ensure your family has the best possible start. These will be the first memories that a child has so it’s important to find an appropriate setting for them. It’s part of being a parent where you have to prioritise your family’s needs above your own.



Author Bio

Paul specialises in property for rent in London and across the UK. Part of his role sees him regularly give advice to first time homebuyers and what factors to consider when buying a property.

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