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Large or small, fat or thin, we love our pets with many people pampering their pets more than they pamper themselves. So, when deciding to move home, your pets have to be taken in to account and special arrangements made so that they are transported safely and efficiently to your new house. If you are  [ Read More ]

Moving Calculator

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Calculate the pounds and cubic feet of your belongings through this convenient online moving calculator. By comparing your final weight to the reference sizes below, you will get more accurate moving company quotes from professional movers, as well as learn the minimum size rental truck needed for DIY moving. So this moving weight calculator can  [ Read More ]

Nice home organization is the key to domestic convenience and home comfortableness. Lovely interior design ideas may not exist long, if a grand mess is always around you. No matter how elegant and posh your furniture is, if they are always covered with some garbage and things, they will look cheap and clumsy. Meanwhile, no  [ Read More ]

Moving home is a stressful experience at the best of times, but if your possessions aren’t packed properly, this can add additional expense to the equation.   Although many removal companies provide a packing service, this not only adds on an extra charge but can add to the hourly rate that most levy. In order  [ Read More ]

Home for all Choosing the right home for the family to grow in can be one of the biggest decisions ever made in a persons life. Contending with financial restraints and location are obviously two of the major factors which determine where one chooses to bring up their family but do people pay enough attention  [ Read More ]

Philip J Reed on behalf of Richmond American Homes, a builder of new homes nationwide Moving day is an exciting start to a new chapter in your life. However, it can also be stressful if you leave everything until the last minute. Fortunately, there a few ways to make the experience as smooth as possible.  [ Read More ]

The towns and cities around the world are full of people rushing everywhere and traffic going nowhere. At almost every hour of the day it seems as though people are stressed and becoming increasingly tired of dealing with people who are feeling the same, prompting them to throw in the towel at work, up sticks  [ Read More ]

If you are moving from one home to another, it is highly likely that you have a lot of things up in the air. “Moving day” is something of a misleading term, as full-scale moves rarely happen in a single day. Of course, there will come a specific day on which you actually sleep in  [ Read More ]

As we have always been stressing in Moving Magazine,  the public and companies are being pushed more and more toward green options to cut down on the use and waste of natural resources. That is why we are thrilled to report a new product called the  Green Packer , designed by  the  company, Pack All , to  [ Read More ]

The pros and cons of moving by yourself or hiring a moving company. If you need help choosing, read this article.

Moving a Piano

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Moving a piano can be really really challenging. It’s probably some of the most sensitive furniture that you currently own. I highly recommend that you only utilize professional movers as this is an enormous task to take on. Pianos are so damn heavy and so easy to inflict damage while moving it. (even with a moving dolly) And by  [ Read More ]

Moving Boxes Made Green

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At Moving magazine, we periodically feature standout businesses that are moving the moving industry towards more eco friendly practices. Today I would like to put our spotlight on Moving Boxes Made Green, which was started in November of 2008, with the sole goal in reducing the impact moving has on the environment. This company was  [ Read More ]

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